TAMKO Joins an Organization Committed to Hiring 100,000 Jobs for Veterans

What kind of qualities do you think veterans may possess when they are ready to go back to the workforce? At the forefront, you would have to consider leadership skills. In addition to that, there’s working in a team, mathematical skills, pride in achieving a mission, the work ethic to ensure that a job is done right, and the ability to work with other team members to support a project. Veterans are highly useful for any employer, which is why TAMKO Building Products joined the 100,000 Jobs Mission in 2013.

The 100,000 Jobs Mission’s mission sounds exactly like you would think of when determining the non-profit’s goal. It’s to find 100,000 jobs for America’s finest. Normally, the non-profit organization only allows companies of 10,000 employees or more to join, but because TAMKO Building Products has had a rich history of hiring military veterans in the past, the organization was more than willing to welcome the building materials company to join its ranks. As of 2013, the organization has helped 77,612 veterans get hired.

The ability for veterans to succeed in TAMKO cannot be understated. Many of them work in the company’s management. Robert Keeling, TAMKO’s Senior Director of Procurement and Logistics, served in the Navy as a submarine officer and also as an on-shore instructor. His time in the Navy helped him develop the leadership skills, work ethic, and frame of mind to be a highly respected executive at TAMKO.

In addition, TAMKO’s Engineering & Construction Manager John Sweeny served in the U.S. Army for five years, including 16 months as a Brigade Battle Captain leading a group of soldiers in Iraq. And Senior Manufacturing Director Mike Shifferd led two deployments of soldiers on overseas missions during his time in the Army.

TAMKO Building Products is proud to be a member of this organization and encourages other businesses and organizations to consider hiring a veteran. They not only bring skills learned during their time in service; they bring with them integrity and leadership skills needed in a wide variety of positions in any organization.

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