TAMKO Building Products Supports Military Heroes

TAMKO Building Products, Inc. has always been a big supporter of our military heroes. The company employs many military veterans and also supports a variety of military organizations.

4-State Heroes 

TAMKO has sponsored the 4-State Heroes program, which honors men and women in the Joplin-area on television for their service and bravery in the armed forces.

Hero Flights

TAMKO has donated its corporate pilots, planes and fuel for Hero Flights since 2008. Hero Flights is a program administered by the Veterans Airlift Command to provide air transportation for injured veterans and their families.

TAMKO’s corporate pilots flew their first flight in May of 2008 when they transported Matthew Miles home from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Matthew who lost his left leg to an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan in 2007.¬† In July 2013, TAMKO’s corporate pilots flew Eric Lund, who lost both arms in Afghanistan in 2012, from San Antonio, Texas to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland to meet with an arm transplant team.

These private flights seek to provide comfort to injured veterans and help them avoid the hassles and challenges they face in commercial airports and on commercial flights.

100,000 Jobs Mission

TAMKO Joined 100,000 Jobs Mission in 2012. The organization formed in 2011 to create 100,000 jobs for military veterans by 2020. The organization quickly met its goal; by December of 2013, 131 member companies had hired a total of 117,439 veterans.


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